Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 7.2 KG

Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 7.2 KG

If you are looking for a washing machine that will clean your clothes with minimal work, then the Samsung Semi-automatic Washing Machine is right for you. This washing machine has 7.2 kg of water capacity and can be used on both light and heavy soil loads. It also features 3 different spin speeds to choose from so there is always one perfect for what you need! The Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine also has an air dry function which means it won’t use any energy to dry the clothes after they have been washed!

Semi-automatic washing Machine:

Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 7.2 KG

No reason for you to go out in the rain when these machines will take care of your clothes! Do yourself a favor and save time with Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machine.

Imagine trekking home after a long day of work, you get out of your rock-solid car that is less soft than a 10-year-old carpet on one section of the stairs. You walk into your frigid domicile where the winter has chilled it to outside temp 18 degrees below freezing Fahrenheit. And you can remember what inspired this trek-you have dirty dishes stacked up in the sink. So naturally, you go downstairs to run some water so they’ll scrub off easier right? WRONG! If doing some dishes was easy why would I be writing about automatic dishwashers? It doesn’t matter how hard you scrub with hands alone.

Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Capacity 7.2 kg:

With a capacity of 7.2kg, there’s enough space for the clothes from 3 to 4 members of the family. And you don’t have to stand by it any more – just program this Samsung semi-automatic washing machine with your settings and let it take care of the rest! The intelligent eco bubble technology keeps water usage low, while still being gentle on all types of fabric so that they come out brighter and softer than ever before.

Your old washing machine started to feel like a chore, and you never thought it would wear out. You can’t imagine coming home and having to use anything less than the perfect washing machine. That is why we recommend upgrading to Samsung’s new Semi Automatic Washing Machine. It has family sized capacity of 7kg, which is most importantly suitable for those living with 3-4 members in their home – what most American households consist of. The laundry room has long been something that needed to be periodically updated as newer products were constantly hitting the shelves; however, now is your chance with this sleek looking appliance!


Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Finally, a washing machine that doesn’t ask for too much from you! Get the leisure of life and use your time to do other things. The Samsung Semi-automatic Washing Machine 7.2 kg spends enough time soiling your clothes so they’re clean and smells fresh. With 2 years comprehensive warranty or 5 years warranty on motor, it’s an investment that will pay off over time – not just with laundry: save water and electricity thanks to its efficient Swiss technology!

Time to bid that manual washer goodbye! Say hello – and good bye – to washing by hand, paying off laundry debts with your time, and waiting an eternity for clothes to dry. Let us show you around our 7.2kg semi automatic washing machine which will make your lives easier than ever before! Housed in lightweight anti-rust steel, this massive machine spans up to 140cm wide (depending on size) so it can accommodate plenty of fabrics sized right down to 2XL.

740 rpm:

“Targeting women with busy lives who are tired of doing endless, tedious laundry? Tired of big bulky machines that take up over half your precious living space?”

Phase 2: “Right now you can get this tidy little washing machine in silver or white* that is no more than 504 mm wide.” (*based on availability) It will be small enough to fit snugly into any modern kitchen without making it feel cramped! And because it’s a semi-automatic washer, it only uses the cold water connections.

Reliable, Insta-ready! Now you can take that ever-lasting task off your list. So what are you waiting for? Automatically wash in 7,2 kg load in 40 minutes with this Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machine.

Package contents:

Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Are you sick of manually scrubbing stains with the wrong temp water ¯selling old fashioned technologies? Look no further! This Samsung washing machine uses dual jets and spins at a 2.2k rpm to reach your desired cleanliness level: with less wear on clothes, faster drying time, and more power for an outstanding washcloth-scrubbing experience. Put dirty clothing in one side, go relax on the other ¯ whether that means watching Netflix or feeling relieved are up to you!

You’ll never stress about laundry again with the Samsung semi automatic washing machine. With its light-touch controls and speedy 2 minute cycle, it’s like a hug for your dirty clothes! Its dual jet system ensures lingerie and delicates stay surprisingly soft and twisted towels will be turned into perfect circles.

Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Special features:

Samsung needs none of your help with this washing machine, in a world where we’re all pretty scared to use a washing machine at all. You tell it what you want and it does the work for you- kind of like a semi automatic boss, if it also shuts off when the time is up. Too busy? No problem! It can create your favorite care routine too through its various wash programs.

Have you ever experienced the horror of forgetting to set your washing machine on before leaving for work? How about waiting until you’re home from another long day at work to find out your laundry still hasn’t been washed because no one was there to start it? What a mess! If that sounds all too familiar, then take this opportunity to be ahead of the game. The Samsung Semi-automatic Washing Machine is a great option not only because it’s super convenient, but also because its innovative design makes doing laundry a lot more efficient – especially when multiple loads are needed. And if life can get all busy sometimes and forgetful, don’t worry!


Samsung has made a name for themselves as one of the top brands in home appliances, and this is no exception. The 7.2 kg semi-automatic washing machine offers all the best features you could want without any complicated bells or whistles that would take up too much space on your laundry room floor. If you’re looking to bring some advanced technology into your home but are hesitant about it due to budget concerns, this may be just what you need! Whether you’re hosting large parties where everyone’s clothes get dirty at once or just have an active family with tons of kids who play sports year round, this is sure to meet your needs while saving both time and money.

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