Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg Washing Machine

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine

The Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine that has the ability to clean clothes with less water than most other washing machines on the market today.  It also saves time by using an ENERGY STAR qualified, high efficiency motor and only requires about 20 gallons of water for each full load of laundry.  The Whirlpool 360 is available in white or black color options and features 3 different wash cycles: cottons, synthetics, or woolens.  This post will outline some key features of the Whirlpool 360 as well as how it compares to other washers on the market based off what customers are saying about it online.

Ace wash station:

After years of being taken away from sorting through your clothes, you have the opportunity to once again get down on hands and knees! The Ace Wash Station at Whirlpool lets you sort dirty clothes into different piles conveniently placed right next to the machine. What’s even better is that it will be much easier for drying racks because now everything can just stay in one place!

The whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine has what it takes for your clothes to get plenty of love and care! We’ve installed some features which you can use for innovation, so prolong the life of your garments. Think about it- if this was a romance novel, there had be something like “Ace wash station – Now sort, stack and carry your clothes on the machine itself” our latest innovation in laundry-washing technology!

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine In-Built Scrubbed:

When you’re doing your laundry, washing machine choices can be a haze. With the whirlpool 360 7.2kg top loader, every scrubber is a bonus. Give your clothes a bath in all that sudsy energy and watch them emerge clean and fresh from the wash tub with an added sparkle of new life! Durable, efficient, and brilliant this washing machine will make every load extra bearable with its efficiency features like Energy Star certification for low water consumption! Drop by your nearest appliance store to see how it’s been done right!

When it comes to getting clothes clean, you want all the help you can get. With the whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine’s in-built scrubber, your laundry will be fresher than ever before!

No of Wash Programs:

It’s time to wash your clothes, let’s test how it works! This live demonstration will show you the whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine in action – here is a real mannequin that survived wearing these clothes for two weeks without cleaning them. With three different modes, this machine promises to clean anything. Give it a go!

Super Soak Technology:

 Soak away your worries with our world-class whirlpool spin dryers! It doesn’t matter if you have yucky clothes from a DIY project, muddy boots after a long time at the garden or sports equipment for a hardcore workout – we can handle it all. Our powerful washing machines also come with SUPER SOAK TECHNOLOGY so there’s no need to worry about those tough clothes. Pop them in and just let our whirlpool 360 7.2 kg cleaning machines do the hard work for you.

Ever been frustrated by those clothing items that never seem to budge, no matter how hard you try? No need to deal with it anymore. Introducing our whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine – and its SUPER SOAK TECHNOLOGY! This wonderful technology helps remove tough dirt and stains in just 25 minutes.

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine Easy Mobility:

You’ll be able to put this whirlpool washer just about anywhere as it only weighs 87.5 kg! In addition, 4 rubber wheels allow you to easily move the washing machine from task to task without a fight. The 360 degree spinning spinner wringer is the ultimate must-have for family laundering needs.

You can drag this machine through the alleyways of your building, down corridors with dirt on the floor. Why? You’ve got to wash that uniform!

Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine Performance:

Meet the Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine with a whopping 1400 RPM spin speed so clothes can dry at lightning-fast speeds. The End of Cycle Buzzer alerts you when it’s complete, and if the power goes out for any reason, Auto restart will automatically turn on your appliance to ensure that nothing is left behind.

If you’re tired of your laundry only spinning without doing anything for 3 hours, and your clothes still not clean and dry after 10 hours, this is the washer you’ve been waiting for. The Whirlpool 360 has maximum spin speed at 1400 RPM to give those stubborn stains the boot. Or, if you’re feeling really lazy (or save time), just use their Super Wash cycle that can wash as little as half a kilo in 28 minutes flat! Remember to always keep it warm with end-of-cycle buzzer sound so nobody misses it – sounds like a good opportunity for some ice cream or donuts!


So, what’s the verdict? If you have a family of five or more and need a large capacity washer that won’t break your budget, then this top load machine is worth considering. As for noise level, it’s not too bad at all. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised to find out how quiet it runs when in use! The only thing we didn’t like about the Whirlpool 360 7.2 kg washing machine was its lack of an internal water heater which means constant refilling if you’re using cold water sources such as rainwater harvesting systems or borewells. We hope our review has been helpful in making decisions on whether to buy this appliance!  

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